Beat the Bias!

If you’re fed up of the narrow narratives coming from the mainstream media, take a look at these alternative options below!


It’s a sad state of affairs that when Corbyn announced his cabinet back when he was first elected leader, I had to go to Twitter to find out he’d appointed the first Mental Health Minister.

Sure, a lot of what you read on Twitter is absolute rubbish, but it’s also a great opportunity to cut out the Murdoch-Empire, and hear your news direct from the people involved.

Unlike Facebook, you don’t need an account to be able to access posts. Just go to and start searching! Some accounts you may be interested in are:

Jeremy Corbyn           Journalist Owen Jones      Journalist Paul Mason

Halton Labour Party           Derek Twigg           Us!

Media Lens

If you’re looking for something more in-depth, Media Lens have been publishing news on news since 2001. Its main objective is to investigate claims made in the media, and uncover additional voices/sources which may otherwise never be heard.

In 2007, the site was awarded the Gandhi Foundation International Peace Prize and is well-worth checking for a more thorough exploration of key headlines.

The Canary

A relative baby, The Canary was born in October 2015 and has remained free of advertiser control since. What’s most impressive about this site is that it proves just how much can be done when people come together, with very little investment beyond dedication and talent.

So what are their values? In their own words:

‘Today, a handful of individuals control our mainstream media. Mass media coverage is largely conservative. We want to create a counterpoint. An online media outlet that has a global outlook and reach. One that isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo, to ask the hard questions, and to have an opinion.’


Have you found a site which offers a good alternative to the mainstream media? Let us know in the comments, tweet us or email us at



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