Donate While You Shop

The time of the month is an inconvenience to most of us females, but compared to those who have to live on the street, or rely on food banks, it’s a mere triviality. If you went along to I, Daniel Blake at Reel, you’ll know that often people forget to donate sanitary products. Many women are forced to use cloth, or nothing at all.

Inspired by the work of Bloody Good Period, Halton Momentum has set up an Amazon wishlist, which enables you to donate sanitary and other health products while you shop. All items will be delivered to one of our members, who will then donate them to the Widnes and Runcorn food banks.

Next time you’re buying from Amazon, just follow the steps below to add a little extra for someone in need. Don’t forget to supply us your name so we can thank-you!

How to donate in 5 steps:

  1. Go to the Halton Food Bank list on Amazon.


2. Click ‘Add to Basket‘ on the products you wish to very kindly donate because you are wonderful.

3. Make sure you click ‘This is a gift’ 



4. In your shopping basket, you should see ‘For Momentum Halton’s Wish List’ 


At checkout, make sure you click to deliver to our address: Momentum Halton.


5. Make sure you include your name and email/twitter/Facebook link so we can thank-you (don’t worry, we won’t store your details!)*

*some companies will not offer this gift option – don’t worry, your items will still reach us. However, if you want us to know who sent it, just tweet us @momentumhalton or email



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