People’s Momentum Weekend

It’s been a weekend of people power across the world.

On Friday, people took to bridges everywhere in protest of Trump’s proposed wall between the US and Mexico. Unfortunately the Momentum Halton team didn’t hear about the campaign early enough to make our Runcorn Bridge a part of this worldwide event. It’s message, however, doesn’t need a banner to be felt. As our country continues to aid the bombing of Syria, it’s important to remember the importance of compassion and empathy.  #bridgesnotwalls You can find more about the campaign here.

Saturday saw huge numbers of both women and men as far apart as the US and India come together to protest Trump’s overt disrespect for females and stand against anti-female law changes. Within moments of Trump’s inauguration, all references to Climate Change were deleted from the White House website. This alone is a testament to the potential dangers of the Trump administration’s regressive policies which will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the rest of the world.

In Liverpool, people gathered at St. George’s Hall at 1pm to protest in solidarity with US women. The Liverpool Echo have collated the best banners here.

Perhaps one of the best tweets of the day, of which there are plenty (#womensmarch) was from Nigeria, where a small collection of women and men gathered to make their voices heard. Every little counts!


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