Why I joined Momentum

Hi, I’m Carina, from Appleton. I joined the Labour Party in summer 2015, inspired by Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign. For me, he was one of the few people talking about ‘bigger picture politics’: climate change, equality and tax evasion. The crash of 2008 revealed just how corrupt our economic system is. Tax evasion is inexcusable. Every ounce of power given to corporations is at the expense of productive and fair democracy, representing the public. Wealth and prosperity is sitting dormant in off-shore bank accounts while people suffer for entire lifetimes as our government bows down to huge banks like HSBC threatening to take their services elsewhere.

Corbyn’s promise to invest in green energy simply makes sense. We need to re-energise British industries, and without a planet everything else is pointless! It’s already proving effective in Germany.

Feeling increasingly frustrated, I joined the Labour Party in the hope of helping to make these policies reality.

During our Education not Segregation campaign in 2016, I found out about Halton Momentum and went along to the first meeting. There, I found people who were committed to making life fairer and more equal for everyone. Momentum for me is a real opportunity to make a difference in my local community, especially for young people.

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