THAT Weaver Vale Win!

The 2017 snap election was a success story all-round for the local area. Derek Twigg secured his biggest majority yet, whilst in Weaver Vale, Mike Amesbury won the seat back from the Tories following extensive campaigning.

The Momentum Halton team focused all their energies into fighting for Corbyn and the Labour party on the doorsteps of Weaver Vale, where a turnout of 73.3% helped to secure a majority just shy of 4,000 votes.


And we didn’t just campaign on the ground. Social media presence played a huge part in Labour’s gains across the country.

Highlights of the campaign included meeting the wonderful Eddie Izzard:


…and the inspiring Angela Rayner, who wowed Frodsham Community Centre with her down-to-earth tough speech on the value of education for everyone:

Election night was electric, as news of high voter turn-outs set high hopes for an Amesbury win.

The celebrations came to a head at The Bear’s Paw in Frodsham, where Mike thanked everyone involved in the campaign and looked forward to securing better lives for the people of Weaver Vale.

Have your own memories of the Weaver Vale election campaign? Leave them in the comments below.


One comment

  1. Ah what a great campaign that was! People are still buzzing about it – the camaraderie, the atmosphere, energy and enthusiasm! Mike Amesbury looked permanently stunned (in a good way) at every event with the sheer number of people turning up to help, often all day and into the night. Lots of locals, party members and councillors worked together and momentum members from all over the northwest joined in to take this seat back from the tories and we absolutely smashed it! I’ll never forget the experience and we made some good friends along the way and as a result our group has now grown from Halton into Weaver Vale. Well, back to campaigning now folks, we’ve got work to do and a strategy and stronger group than before. Let’s do it!


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