New Projects

The first meeting as Halton and Weaver Vale Momentum took place amongst a sea of foodbank donations at Grangeway Community Centre last night.

Chair James kicked off proceedings by welcoming our new members and celebrating our success during the General Election campaign.


There was a great air of camaraderie at the meeting with experienced and fresh-faced members coming together to collate ideas for new campaigns.

Cllr Sue Edge fed back on the key items from Momentum Regional including an exciting motion from Unite for a 35-hour working week. Keep checking back for more details on this as it’s something we definitely want to get behind.

As always, responses to requests for Food Bank donations was met with great generosity. Over the summer, it is especially difficult for those who usually benefit from free school meals.

There are plenty of other ways to donate to our local food banks. Visit:



Vice-Chair Angela Walsh proposed 4 focus groups which will formulate our main agenda over the coming months.


1.A Planning Focus Group – to organise our key events and strategies over the coming year.

2. A Local Issues Group – to engage with key needs in our community and offer support/liaising with key groups.

3. A Campaigning Focus Group to organise campaigns, leaflets etc.

4. A Community Cafe. Manager of the project Terry impressively explained how his passion for this project grew. The vision being that for every meal sold, an additional free meal can be given to someone in need.

Should you wish to get involved in any of these projects, come along to our next meeting or contact us on Facebook.

We Shall Overcome is also fast approaching. If you’re able to offer support or an event, please do. You can find out more here with an outline of the event from the website below:


Child poverty, food banks, benefit sanctions, bedroom tax, cuts to disabled support, carers in crisis, soup kitchens, rough sleeping, homelessness, mental health crisis, pawn shops, payday lenders. Why do these things exist in one of the richest economies on earth?

We Shall Overcome is a movement of musicians, artists, activists and community organisers who are angry about the human costs of austerity policies but who want to do something practical to help those affected.

Over the weekend of 6/7/8 October we’re encouraging people to organise gigs and events that will get direct help to those in our local communities who have been adversely affected by austerity policies.

The meeting finished with a great idea to set up Crowdfunding to support those who are unable to attend Regional Conference.

Followed by plenty of celebratory coming-together-cake!




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  1. Absolutely brilliant! Website looks fab carina, really informative we need to keep spreading the word. An a fabulous donation for the food banks!


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