Charity Fundraiser A-go-go

Despite the blustering winds and bizarre sunshine today, our latest meeting went ahead with aplomb. 

We are full steam ahead for our charity quiz night on 26th October at The Village. It starts at 7.30 so come along and exercise your brains. 50% of the money raised will go to Breast Cancer Awareness and 50% will go to Momentum funding. 

If you have any raffle prizes you’d like to donate just get in touch. We will also be arranging car shares to help negate the bridge tolls. Just email us to let us know đŸ˜€. 

The success of ‘Dick Turpin’ on BBC news today was much celebrated. Although a three minute conversation was trimmed to a few seconds, it highlights the value of protesting again a regressive tax and standing up for people across the wider community. 

Dave Boyden read from Trotsky to highlight the historical cycles created when systems stop working for the masses. 

He ended the meeting on the inspiring note:

‘If they could dream of a better world 100 years ago, why can’t we dream of a better world now?’ 

Hear hear! 

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